About Dayana


Dayana is a petroleum products trading company. The company was founded in 2019 with a vision of trading energy products in the most cost-efficient, quick, and responsible way.

The management of the company has over two decades of experience and a strong base of the company is formed on long – term business relationships with the counterparties, stakeholders and strong governance.

We are firmly committed to the organization’s mission to continuously work on providing the most reliable and quality experience to our customers through our expertise and strategic approach.

We have 4 offices in different locations and a strategic network of employees. We are confident about our future expansion to trade a wide range of energy products globally.


Strong corporate governance leads to good business and sets the tone from the top. We set the highest compliance standards and corporate policies. Every aspect of our business is affected to a greater or lesser degree by regulations covering cargo and international trade, health, and safety, environmental control, insurance, financial crime, sanctions, banking, and derivatives market rules . To ensure compliance within such an extensive and constantly evolving regulatory environment, we maintain rigorous corporate protocols and a strict compliance program .


Dayana has a dedicated team to perform detailed risk analysis and take necessary actions as and when required

Price Risk: We have a dedicated team to analyze the market movements with respect to price . Proper use of financial instruments such asderivatives and forwards help mitigate the Price risk to the best possible against the market volatilities.

Political Risk: We are strategically located worldwide to ensure that we mitigate all geopolitical risks through our branches & local agents.

Credit Risk: Dayana follows a dedicated procedure for counterparty assessments and we accept standard trade credit instruments and insurance.

Operational Risk: an experienced team of global professionals and standard IT shipping tools helps in identifying , assessing , and mitigating the risks associated with the transactions.


Designing and implementing a due diligence process by using international softwares such as, Refinitiv World – Check and standard operating procedures help mitigate and control risks associated with counterparty registrations and international sanctions. We, at Dayana, have a zero – tolerance policy and follow strict compliance before we onboard any counterparty.


Oil trading companies need to manage schedules, resources, and costs . across all projects to prevent delays and inaccurate execution. By implementing the right ERP system, you can reduce the risk associated with the projects, enhance employee productivity, and of course, reduce operational expenses. In Dayana, we use comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions and ERP system to monitor and manage the entire business process.


 We have clearly defined policies in many areas and follow strict compliance with regards to:

  • Anti – Money Laundering ( AML )
  • Anti – Bribery and corruption ( ABC )
  • Market Conduct
  • Market Abuse
  • Labour Abuse
  • Conflict of Interest
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